Fei Liu is a New York based Interaction Designer with an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons. She is looking for more opportunities to explore how design can engage the public in discussions around social change.


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Toto Knows

Chrome Extension designed and developed during Ghostery's "Hack The Trackers" hackathon.

MFADT Thesis Site

Thesis exhibition website that was created to showcase student projects.


Medical history with a personalized, creative, and social twist.

The Qualified Life

Thesis project created to raise awareness about the use of Quantified Self in workplace monitoring.

Energy Lotto

Project created to nudge students into re-assessing their behavior around energy usage.


Exercise mat that works with the browser to give us short breaks while we work on the computer.

Crystal Clicks Per Minute

An exploration in parasitic energy harvesting through the act of typing on a keyboard.


Interactive installation using the body's conductivity to simulate a bacterial ecosystem.

Jaguar China

Microsite design for the "A Breed Apart" campaign.